The Green Schools Pakistan takes advantage of insights from current thinking, about environment and ecology, to bring them to bear on school education. Its programme is designed to combine conventional methodologies with Open Source set-up in Karachi; it links up with a future articulated by the remaking of knowledge through innovation and technology. Our new home will be at

Major Themes & Resources

Every school must have a ‘Learning Garden’ that children grow from seeds.

Thematic Resources for teachers, school heads & parents

    +  Learning Garden & Urban Farming

    +  Environmental Art

    +  Ecology & Global Citizenship

    +  Waste, Water, Energy, Air

    +  Food & Nutrition

    +  Curriculum & Subject Integration

How GSP Works

The school is the space and organization where students, teachers & staff, think and do as global eco-friendly citizens.

Learning To Improve The Environment

This is an outline of the far-reaching strategies GSP embraces, while thinking of our common future. We involve students in creative, well-designed curriculum-based activities. These are facilitated by engaging teachers and school management, with much enthusiasm, in the greening process.

The Learning Garden

Activity based gardening and environment classes, following a Green Curriculum in an organic patch and classroom, leading to a certificate for students.

Environment Improvement Projects

The development of a Green Action Plan through a School Environment Committee, whose membership includes school management, teachers and students. The plan will involve students in environmental monitoring, audit, decision-making and


Workshops on environment topics with teachers, managers and students, such as curriculum integration, growing your own food, Do-It-Yourself biotech and media, with films on topics including food, waste, water, energy and transport.

Materials Development

Open Source materials for teachers and students, such as teaching guides, student worksheets, a Green Curriculum in Urdu or English, a library of books, exhibits and films, open source resources on website, and workshop kits, which can be shared with anyone.

Documentation & Continual Improvement

Documentation and review of activities is built into the programme in order to improve and sustain activity.