Story of Food

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Have you ever asked yourself where your food comes from?

Most of the vegetables, herbs and fruits that you consume on a daily basis are grown outside our cities on farms and fields. Tons of chemical pesticides are regularly sprayed on these vegetables to prevent any crop loss and cases where sewage water is being used to irrigate fields are common. After the harvest, crops travel in an open vehicle to the sabzi mandi where vegetables are treated with more chemicals to increase their shelf life, add aroma and make the skin look fresh for a longer period of time.

Then the shopkeepers, stores and sabzi-walas come in and then, at long last, the produce actually makes it to your table. By the time it does, it’s gone through many hands and a whole lot of chemical treatment. It’s not good for the environment and it’s certainly not good for you!

Why Organic?

This one minute video will answer that!

An Organic Farm

A farm grown by making use of nature’s ways of nurturing plants is not just beneficial for us, but for wildlife and the environment in general. Organic producers use these tricks likes crop rotation, companion plantation and composting to avoid synthetic chemicals for fertilising their Crops or for pest control.